A-level & Super Early Real GCSEs


Our super early GCSE is progressing with fun and seriousness. In the June 2018 exam one A**, one A* and three A-grades were achieved, everyone took the exam gained experience that will boost their year-11 final GCSE marks. In January 2018 exam six students achieved A-grades. Well done kids!

Good luck children!

For children from Year 6 to Year 9


– quote from http://www.seed.natcen.ac.uk/ 

GCSE Workshops for Chemistry and Biology will be on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th of October 2017 by Dr Khare and Dr Kaur, respectively.

A-level Workshops for Biology and Chemistry will be on Wednesday 25th and Friday 27th of October 2017 by Dr Kaur and Dr Khare, respectively.

Friends, workshops are an opportunity, please don`t miss it. 


(a) Our ten year old student Adhi with one month of training took IGCSE Maths in Jan 2017 and achieved C-grade, this shows the effect of our 11+ training.
(b) Our year-7 student Neha achieved ‘A’ grade in IGCSE Maths. Her A-grade shows that in nine months training, our Super Early GCSE programme can help a student to attain an ‘A’.

Well done children!

We are focusing on exam preparation by individual subject. This Early GCSE preparations and examinations do not affect their school education and its examinations. It gives interesting challenge especially for those who underwent 11+ exam preparation. Early GCSE keeps our children active and very progressive, for example,

    • They try to think the way Pythagoras thought and make a guess of his theorem.
    • They learn trigonometry and estimate the distance between stars
    • They enjoy how maths is used in deriving physics
    • They practice essay writing and GCSE grammar
    • They understand why logarithm is used in calculating pH
    • They get into the function of stem cells and they know chlorophyll is green

Children are currently focusing on GCSE Maths as their first exam. The advantage is if they get an A or B grade now, they can easily try for A* in the consecutive exams till Year 11 exam in School. As they progress, they will be appearing for GCSE English, Science, Computer Science, Music, Economics and regional languages of their preference. At present, we have regional language teachers for Chinese Mandarin, GCSE(Punjabi), GCSE (Tamil) and GCSE (Urdu), Malayalam, Lithuanian languages, French, Spanish and German.

Each student is expected to finish exams on GCSE core subjects, those are Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English and a few additional subjects from our available subjects:  Economics, Business Studies, Further Maths, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu, Computer Science and IT.



For A Level

Our weekly classes for A-level students are as follows:

 Subject  Days and Time  Teacher
 Physics  Saturdays 8.30 to 10 am  Dr Raman
 Biology  Saturdays 6 to 8 pm  Dr Kaur
 Chemistry  Sundays 9 to 11 am  Dr Khare
 Maths  Tuesdays 7 to 9 pm  Dr Raman
 UKCAT  During Christmas break  Mrs Revathi

Note: all these sessions will be held at the centre.



For further details, contact us at tutor@vcp.mobi; phones: 0203 802 1363 ; 0790 680 2008
Tutorial Office number 8, Virtual College, Access Office Suites, 62, Portman Road (Wigmore Lane), Reading – RG30 1EA, Berkshire.
For map link click on: http://plus.codes/9C3WFX7R+4W.

The GPS reference for satnav is: 51.4627, -1.0078

Our campus has free car park, secured entry, parents’ sitting lounge and it is close to Tesco Extra, Exotic Superstore, Bestfood Superstore and Oxford Road markets. If students wish to have more than one slot then they can either bring their own lunch or have food from close-by Papa John’s, Subway, etc.

14 thoughts on “A-level & Super Early Real GCSEs

  1. maria mathew

    Dr.Pattabhi is a very great teacher and taught my son for over a year. He understood all of his lessons and his grades has improved since he first joined.Dr Pattabhi encourages my son so that he can achieve top grades and he gives the class a steady amount of homework. He is a good listener , approachable and always tries to help my son. He always encourages my son and make him comfortable so that he can understand his topic well in order to achieve his goal. He always gives me feedback about his strength and weakness so that he can improve and be successful. After doing 2 IGCSE exams (chemistry and Maths) he has gained so much knowledge and he is top in his class. Thank you very much for teaching my son . I wish you all the best.

  2. Kiran Phadnis

    Over the course of my final year of Reading School, Mr. Raman helped me a lot with A level further maths. He was very patient with a great ability to explain the complex maths to me. He learned my whole syllabus in his free time then taught it to me. It ended up being my best A level subject and I am now studying Mathematics at Kings College London. Overall, if you have the chance to be tutored by Mr Raman you’re very lucky! I couldn’t have asked for more.

  3. Rhonda

    We describe Dr Kaur as a gift to our family. Her enthuasism, dedication and belief in our daughter has had far reaching tendrils for Madison and therefore for all of us. I wish we had found Dr Kaur sooner. Madison is not an A* student in ability but in her work ethic she certainly is so Dr Kaur worked her hard and helped her reach her potential. Although the focus was English the impact was on all subjects. I think that whatever your child’s ability they will be nurtured.

  4. Jay M Patel

    I spent 2 years having tuition with Mr Pattabhi and I wouldn’t change that for anything. He was always dedicated and motivated to get the best out of me and pushed me to my boundaries to ensure I was fulfilling my potential. The help he gave me was beyond the help I found online or in textbooks and regardless of my situation he always made time to support and help me out when needed. Despite other commitments, he made sure I had the resources and space to complete all work to the best of my ability.

    He taught me A-Level Mathematics and A-Level Physics and really helped me increase my mathematical skills as well as practical skills beyond what I thought I was capable of. He is very motivated to ensure his students do well and achieve success and I’m sure anyone who takes tuition with Mr. Pattabhi is bound to do well if you work in collaboration with him.

    I have now moved to the United States where after successfully completing my A Levels, I am now studying for a degree in Aerospace Engineering. I would like to thanks Mr Pattabhi for his hard work and help and I hope to see VCP grow successfully.


  5. Mrs Palanikumar

    My daughter, who is studying in year-7, trained for IGCSE Maths with VCP for about six months. In a couple of months, she had developed an attitude of having fun while tackling problems and has now achieved an ‘A’ grade. She had found the whole process demanding as well as interesting and is more open to taking up challenges.

    Mr & Mrs Pattabhi had always been there for support and help raise the confidence by challenging to the right level. I would thank them for going that extra-mile and wish them all the best in their endeavours.

  6. Raj Odedra

    I attended tuition with Mr Pattabhi for a whole year and saw significant results. He taught me AS and A2 mathematics and physics. In AS before attending tuition I was on a D. With his help (help doesn’t signify how much he helped me) I successfully got an A in Maths for my a-levels and am on my way to study Maths with Finance and Investment Banking at uni this year.
    He is not like any other tutor, the hospitality he gives as well as the tuition makes learning more comfortable and easier. But when it comes to getting down to work, he can teach! There are a lot who rely on textbooks etc but he can teach well and has been an amazing tutor. He motivated me to do well and not just for myself, there was a feeling to not want to disappoint him either.
    I know anyone who is looking for results will get it by going to Mr Pattabhi. He is very passionate about Virtual College and I can only hope for further growth. The flexibility he provides and great office space is important too and feels better than working at home.
    Thank you for all the help and I will continue to tutor at VCP also for as long as possible.

  7. Jason George

    Mr Pattabhi is a very knowledgeable teacher and has helped me greatly in the field of Mathematics. He has a deep understanding within the topic and presents his lessons in an easy to understand manner by thoroughly explaining each question in great detail. He has great confidence in the way he teaches and his caring and tolerant attitude is highly valued.

    He has recently assisted me in achieving a 97 mark in the UK Junior Maths Challenge, which has allowed me to continue to to the second round, ‘Olympiad’. This is something I am proud of.

    Overall I am extremely thankful for all the support he has given me in improving my mathematical understanding and would not hesitate to recomend him to anyone else wishing to improve their knowledge in a wide variety of subjects. I wish him all the very best in the future

  8. Sharughan

    Thank you very much to mr and Mrs Raman also to Rahul for helping me with my work.
    I wish you all the very best!!!


  9. Mina

    Dr Pattabhi has recently helped me prepare to sit my Physics AS exams. I found him very knowledgeable with a deep understanding of Physics. He also runs mock exam sessions where I had the opportunity to sit practice papers. I found these sessions really useful, in addition to practicing in a realistic exam setting, Dr Pattabhi was fantastic in talking through the papers with me, and helping me improve not only my knowledge of the subject, but also providing tips and techniques to maximise the points I achieved from each question. I would highly recommend the Virtual College, I have gained in confidence and am looking forward to working on my final A2 exams.

  10. Mary George

    Mr Pattabhi’s professionalism and caring attitude is highly valued. His teaching methods and perseverance has really helped my daughter understand the subject matter(Physics) as a whole and gain confidence in sitting for exams.

    The support and guidance to source resources for subjects to which he was not initially called upon is commendable. We would also like to thank Ms. Hasseba for the support given towards Biology.

    We would not hesitate to recommend Mr.Pattabi to anyone who requires Physics or Maths tutoring, and wish him all the very best .

  11. Christine Williams

    Mr Pattabhi – I would like to highlight his professionalism as a teacher, I am impressed with his approach towards students. My son is showing significant progress in his ability, independent, confident and motivated; his grades has improved which is evident of Mr Pattabhi’s help. I am really please he has this opportunity to be tutored by Mr Pattabhi as I can see a remarkable change in his grades. His teaching methods and strategies are really effective and he gives advise always conscientious in providing the best possible constructive direction on help towards students progress.

  12. Ananth

    Mr Pattabhi is an excellent tutor and has helped me out with my University Mathematics problems.He prepares in advance and explains how to do the questions in a way which is easy to understand. I would recommend him to other students struggling in Maths and I look forward to my upcoming lessons.

  13. Sampath

    Pattabi – He is a great teacher, highly interactive and is always willing to push you to your limit. He ensures that you can achieve your best and unlike any other teacher, he will make sure you understand what you are being taught the first time and not after 2 or 3 lessons. He has helped me achieve amazing grades and also a better understanding on the subjects that he has taught.

  14. Annie

    Pattabi is a very responsible teacher- always providing me with useful study materials, and giving (rather a lot of) homework- not that I object . He is a very patient teacher, and always makes sure that I understand the topic before moving on to the next. He encourages, but never pushes me out of my comfort zone, and this is what makes him such an able teacher. He can judge a pupil on their abilities, and use it to carefully plan a teaching method especially for them- making the lessons take a more personal approach. And lastly, he is a great motivator. He is ambitious for his students to work hard and to achieve the top grades- and this is what he has done for me. He is unlike the other teacher I’ve met, and in my opinion, he can guarantee to help you to achieve.


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