Making the early teenage as an interesting time

By | January 4, 2017

As we have no more KS3 SATs after KS2 SATs children has no real challenge till GCSE exam. So, asking them to study and do homework does not have a serious meaning from their point of view. So, they get bored and distracted. Their early teen age is not going effectively. This is what I realized, so, I started the early GCSE for children from Year 6 to 9 at my centre in Reading and Slough.

We are focusing on exam preparation by individual subject. This Early GCSE preparations and examinations do not affect their school education and its examinations. It gives interesting challenges especially for those who underwent the 11+ exam preparation.

We also support the children who would like to take part in National Challenges for Maths and Competitions in Science, Engineering and Computer Science. So, I believe this is a solution for making the early teenage as an interesting time in their life.

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