KS2 SATs and KS3

KS2 SATs and KS3:

We conduct assessment prior to enrolment. Assessments are free of charge.

Upon enrolment, class timings will be shared. All classes are over zoom – online sessions.

For detailed discussions contact us over phone or by email.

Ks3 Year-8: space available

Ks3 Year-7: space available

KS2 Year-6: space available – new batch from Jan 2024


0203 802 1363 / 0790 680 2008;

Email: tutor@vcp.mobi

Tutorial Office:

The Keep,

Beansheaf Community Centre,

Charrington Road, Calcot

Reading – RG31 7AW, Berkshire.


17 thoughts on “KS2 SATs and KS3

  1. Jocelyn Castaneda

    Mrs. Raman has been a great support to my son throughout his tutorial lessons. Her tireless efforts and patience especially during the peak times of covid19 pandemic which started in February 2020, where they did home learning was commendable. She patiently delivered a well- organised timetable of teaching and endless support to what the students needs led to my son’s 11 plus exam success.
    The knowledge my son gained from his tutorials helped him a lot in doing his school homework too.
    Thank you Mrs. Raman and to Sir for all your help. We highly recommend VCP college.

  2. Ingrida

    My son grown academically and become more confident in himself , and it’s thanks to most dedicated teachers working hard and finding unique way to each child.
    My child achieved top marks and he is advanced in his school group. He got pass 11+ and he will be joining grammar school from September.
    Big thank you to give your time and knowledge to my child.

  3. Annie L

    Mrs Revathi is a very dedicated and talented teacher. With her help, my daughter passed her 11plus with good score in Kendrick School. My husband and I can’t thank her enough!
    Tips: The 11plus summer camp she runs is extremely very useful and effective in their preparation of the exam in early September.

    Another plus point is VCP offers further educations level, i.e. 13+ and GCSE. They have proved themselves with good grades achieved by their students.

    Highly recommended!

  4. MR & Mrs. Navaratnam

    We would like to highly recommend VCP, as their tutoring is unique and focuses on each and every students need. Both our daughter and son attended VCP for tutoring and excelled in all the subjects and, as a result were offered placements in top schools. Furthermore they enjoyed their time at VCP which exemplifies VCP’s tutoring technique. Our special thanks goes to Mr and Mrs Pattabhi whose diligence, dedication is exceptional and definitely commendable.

  5. Manjit

    My daughter passed 11+ and has been accepted into Kendrick School. We are very delighted of the outcome.

    We thank Pattabhi and Revathi’s focus on exam technique and all hard work.

    We would always recommend VCP not just for 11+ but all education levels.

    Thanks again

  6. Kudzayi Nyikadzino

    I was highly recommended Virtual College by a friend. The moment my son attended for assessment I knew I had made the right decision. My Son started in January 2018 and sat for his 11plus in September 2018 and he has made it for both Buckinghamshire and Slough Grammar schools Consortium. I am more pleased with the result and this is all down to Mr and Mrs Pattabhi’ s hard work and full dedication. My son has loved every time he has spent doing his 11plus preparation such that he is continuing attending as this has made him into a hardworking ,disciplined young man and he has a vision. What he has taken from Mr and Mrs Pattabhi is that hard work produces results. He spent most of summer holiday in Virtual and there he had the experiences of learning and playing, enjoying the trips to the park and to the trampoline play place every Wednesday .What I have appreciated as a parent is that Mr and Mrs Pattabhi put the child first and offered a holistic learning approach and are always on hand to discuss any issues and concerns such that come Saturdays my son will be always asking “is it time to Tuition yet” It had become the most used phrase on Saturday in our house. I would and I have recommended to my friends and gives a 10 out of 10. I wish Mr and Mrs Pattabhi more success. My son is very happy and grateful to all the tuition he has received. Thank you for being generous with your time. I never felt rushed at all. You were always giving more time to the children. Your kindness and patience with the children is much appreciated. Thank you so much for what you have done with our son.

  7. Ayodele A.

    A good tutor will exhibit the love for teaching, be patient and have the ability to identify the weak points in the Child’s understanding. These are the qualities Mr Pathabi and Rivathi exhibit. Mrs Rivathi is able to help your child develop the love for learning and build their confidence Level. The teaching is structured so well that you will see the difference in the Child’s ability within couple of weeks. They also provide crucial feedbacks on the lessons.

    My Son attended VCP to help with his study for the 11+ and he was able to make above the cut-off point for all the Grammar schools in Reading, Slough, Buckingham and Gloucestershire.

    I also personally learnt from the Pattabhi’s the ability to be patient and achieve result with Kids..

    I strongly recommend VCP, if you are looking for the best tutors for your kids (any levels).

  8. Joanna T

    My first rude awakening was when I put my son through a 11+ mock exam in May 2017 and found out that he is not up to mark with CEM exam style questions and working in an exam condition despite many years of coaching personally and under a different tuition centre. I quickly took the remedial action and moved him to Virtual College (VCP). When most tuition centre uses the canned approach to every student, here in VCP I found that the teachers personalised learnings and are quick to identify areas of improvements and make sure the weak spots have been addressed and improved for individual student.

    Mr and Mrs Pattabhi are one of the most noble and dedicated teachers I have ever known. Rest assured that when you put your children in their hands, they care and coach them better than the parents could. Your child’s best interest is their utmost priority. Many times I have been touched and moved by the kind gestures and dedications they have shown to my children. As a result, my youngest son qualified for his 11+ exams in Reading, Pate (Gloucestershire), Slough, Buckinghamshire grammar schools with an assuring scores this week. My eldest son is pursuing early GCSE with VCP as well, enjoying the program and stretching his ability to solve GCSE Maths and Science questions at the age of 12. I can’t thank VCP enough. They have revolutionised the way my sons learn.

  9. Mrs navaratnam

    My daughter really progressed while being in VCP. Not only is it fun but it also provides good education. With the help of VCP my daughter passed 11+ and private school entrance exams. Learning there has really brought my daughter to another level. We appreciate the help of Mr and Mrs Pattabhi.

  10. Kiruthika

    I am really glad that we chose VCP for our daughter’s 11+ coaching and I am obliged to leave my reviews for Mr and Mrs.Pattabhi. They both have a very good knowledge of how the 11+ system works and also how to deliver it to the children in a most efficient way. Their way of teaching is excellent and the dedication they show towards their job is amazing and many a time has made me wonder. They analyse the potential of the children very well and push them to give their best. Both the teachers are always ready to help the children and guide the parents.
    I can’t thank them enough for helping my daughter qualify all the five different exams she sat for the 11+ ..Henrietta Barnett, Kendrick & Slough consortium, Buckinghamshire, Essex and Gloucestershire ,with an assuring score. Another thing worth mentioning is they are so friendly,caring and approachable which makes both the children and the parents feel VCP is much more than a tuition centre. My daughter loves going to VCP and she has already started her next year of learning with them. Thank you Mr.Pattabhi and Mrs.Revathi Pattabhi. We couldn’t have asked for more.

  11. Maya

    Maya Arora
    My daughter wasn’t interested in maths in year 2.
    After attending tution from Vcp on Portman road reading she achieved all A and enjoying maths homework thanks to Ravthie and vijia

  12. Vanessa Cheyne

    Our daughter increased in confidence a great deal after attending tutor sessions with VCP, and we felt she was really well prepared. She has been given a place at several highly regarded schools and offered an academic scholarship at one of them, so now we just have to make the decision! Best of all though, is that she started viewing herself as good at maths, rather than the opposite. We will certainly use VCP in future for additional support for learning, especially when exam time approaches. Thank you!

  13. Shru

    We are very pleased with the VCP’s tutoring style. Their attention to the child’s individual needs is something exceptional. They took care of my Son in every possible way. He really enjoyed the classes. At the end, my son got qualified in all the 11+ Grammar School exams that he wrote. We definitely recommend VCP for all aspiring Grammar School candidates. We wish – VCP – all the very best in their future endeavours in teaching.

  14. C Singleton

    My daughter Charlie took the Entrance Exam in September 2015 with the help of VCP tutors at Portman Road, we found out in October is had passed by scoring 110 for Kendrick and 116 for Grammar Schools in the Slough area.

    We were all pleased and thank her tutors for guiding her through this time in her life.

  15. Iain Cheyne

    My daughter has been going to VCP for a few weeks. We saw an immediate improvement in both her attitude to learning and her test results. Pattabhi and Revathi’s focus on exam technique is excellent. They have transformed my daughter’s attitude to maths. I am confident she will be happier in school and will pass her exams.

  16. C Singleton

    My daughter has attended Virtual College since May to prepare for her 11+ entrance exam in September. She has enjoyed her time at tutoring.

    Reasonable and manageable amount of work is set for them to complete at home between lessons, she has met other children taking the exam at the same time as her.

    They have built up her skills in Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non Verb Reasoning. They also provide extra sessions during the Summer Holidays which gave her great support.

  17. K Butt

    My son is currently preparing for his 11+ paper and his tutor has been extremely supportive in tailoring work specifically to his ability with clear expectations and realistic goals in achieving the success required.

    The tutors have a very positive and patience approach to teaching and a genuine care for my son to reach his full potential. I get plenty of positive feedback and support on how I can assist his development.

    My son achieved top marks in a class test recently and he commented that it was because he had covered a certain area at the Virtual College – It was a great boost for his confidence!

    I would definitely recommend the 11+ classes.

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