The Virtual College is a tuition centre for school students of age between 10 and 18. It

  • Provides tailored teaching for group of students
  • Conducts separate classes for SATs, 11+, Early GCSE & A Level
  • Conducts regular weekly classes
  • Provides homework every day
  • Provides materials and mock exams for 11+
  • Provides good understanding and joy of Maths, Further Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, History & Regional languages etc…
  • Makes students explore national maths challenges & science competitions
  • Is a member of Reading Borough Council Local Safeguarding Children & Education provider
  • Accepts Childcare vouchers


Pattabhi-S-Raman-web1Dr Pattabhi S Raman PhD (Physics & Algorithms), CQF

He is a tutor and director of the Virtual College. He provides Maths, Further Maths and Physics tutoring for all levels. Along with coaching, he is actively involved in the production and publication of study materials. His hobbies are cooking spicy foods and brisk walking. His email address is: pattabhi@vcp.mobi



Mrs Revathi Raman MCom, ACA, CISA

She designs and runs the KS2 SATs, 11+ Grammar School Entrance, GCSE Maths, Science and A-level Economics classes. She conducts UCAT and BMAT medical entrance mock exams and quiz programmes. Also she gives support in learning Statistics, Accounting, soft skills such as verbal reasoning, project management and emotional intelligence. Her hobbies are watching television and discussing about young people’s learning development. Her email address is: revathi@vcp.mobi


Mr Christopher Morris, Bmus, Mmus, mISM

Piano including theory


Miss Amy Vanessa George  BSc, MSc, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemist at RB

GCSE and A-level Chemistry

Miss Arunima Basu (MBBS) Imperial College

A-Level Biology and UCAT / BMAT Entrance Preparation Classes

Mrs Haseeba Syed  BSc (Pscyology)

GCSE and A-level Pscycology

Mrs Asma Trained Primary Teacher

Mr Aryan Nevgi (M.E) – UCL

Miss Diya Raj (MBBS) – UCL

Miss Swetha Rallapalli

Miss Sreenithi Bhuvaneshwaran

Miss Harshitha Bondili


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