• Provides tailored teaching in groups.
  • Conducts classes for KS2, KS3, GCSE Maths, Triple Science and English Language.
  • Conducts classes for A-level Maths, Chemistry, Biology with UCAT, Physics, Economics and Further Maths.
  • Provides homework.
  • Provides tests at the Centre during term holidays.
  • Provides weekly tests and review for GCSE Year-11 and A-level.
  • Provides good understanding and joy of Maths and Science.
  • Makes students to explore national maths challenges and science competitions.
  • Is an education provider for over nine years.


Pattabhi-S-Raman-web1Dr Pattabhi S Raman PhD (Physics & Algorithms), CQF

He is a tutor and director of the Virtual College. He provides Maths, Further Maths and Physics tutoring for all levels. Along with coaching, he is actively involved in the production and publication of study materials. His hobbies are cooking spicy foods and brisk walking. His email address is: pattabhi@vcp.mobi



Mrs Revathi Raman MCom, ACA, CISA

She designs and runs the KS2 SATs, 11+ Grammar School Entrance Mocks, GCSE Maths, Science and A-level Economics classes. She conducts UCAT medical entrance mock exam and quiz programmes. Also she gives support in learning Statistics, Accounting, soft skills such as verbal reasoning, project management and emotional intelligence. Her hobbies are watching television and discussing about young people’s learning development. Her email address is: revathi@vcp.mobi

Dr Ashok Khare – Head of Chemistry

Mr Christopher Morris, Bmus, Mmus, mISM

Piano including theory


Miss Amy Vanessa George  BSc, MSc, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemist at RB

(Dr) Arunima Basu (MBBS) Imperial College

Mrs Haseeba Syed  BSc (Psychology)

Miss Harshitha Bondili (AI) Loughborough University

Miss Gargi Bhide (Economics) University of Southampton

(Dr) Jovan Xavier(MBBS) – Queen Mary University of London

(Dr) Swetha Rallapalli (MBBS)  University of Latvia

(Dr) Dinindu Witharana (MB, BChir) University of Cambridge

Miss Joshitha Yeggoni (Economics) University of Cambridge

Mr Joshua Kayodealiu (Chemical Engineering) University of Cambridge

(Dr) Nigel Mathew (Dentistry) – Queen’s Belfast

(Dr) Sarayu Sankar (MBBS) Keele University

(Dr) Prerita Basu (MBBS) – Keele University

(Dr) Rishita Thumma (MBBS) – UCL

(Dr) Bidisha Ghosh (MBBS) – UCL

(Dr) Saakshi Panda (MBBS) – Liverpool

(Dr) Aaila Areej (MD) – Plovdiv

Miss Laiba Amjad (Physician Associate)- Reading

Mr Sashwit Ganesan (Maths) – Oxford Brookes

Miss Kavya Kumeria (Economics), Bath

Mr Harsha Kuruganti (Physics) – Edinburgh

Mr Kabinesh Ganesan (Chemistry) – Bristol 

Ms Nikhitha Bollimpalli (Maths) – Warwick

Ms Naeema Sheikh (Economics) – Warwick

Ms Vijaya Singh (Maths) – Surrey

Mr Adhithya Raman

Miss Reshmi Gopinath

Miss Esha Amjad

Mrs Fatima Asma Trained Primary Teacher

Mrs Sangita Gurung, Care taker

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  1. Simrit

    Do you do lessons for psychology fro year 9s?

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks, we provide package of subjects Maths, Triple Science and English Language for GCSE. Psychology is not included.
      Thanks and Regards,

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks, we are near Exotic superstore, Reading West, please contact over phone 0790 680 2008

      1. Jenny Sharma


        Do you offer online 1-2-1 live lessons for GCSE?

        Many thanks

        1. admin Post author

          We run classes in group and exams in exam environment, however, our students can take individual help and discussion with our tutors. We would not make commitment for 1-2-1 sessions for new students.

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