Useful links

Links for the UK Medical entrance:

Useful Links for KS3, GCSE & A-level

How important are your GCSE grades?

The UK Mathematics Trust for mathematics individual competitions, team challenges …

The British Science Association for science and engineering competition

AQA computer science competition

Skill transformer to know your skill

The Bloomberg Innovation Index


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  1. Hrushikesh PADHI

    My son attended VCP tuition centre for 8 months during his Year 11. Dr Pattabhi is a dedicated teacher who spends a lot of his personal time for development of his students and takes pride in their success. Dr. Pattabhi is very kind & polite and it was very easy for my son to discuss very complex topics with him (even if those are beyond the curriculum). Dr. Pattabhi also allowed my son to assist him in teaching other younger students and this helped him to develop his confidence. With guidance, support and encouragement of Dr Pattabhi, my son focussed on his studies better and secured highest possible grades not only in Maths, Additional Maths, Physics, and Chemistry which are taught personally by Dr Pattabhi, but also achieved Grade 8 & 9s in other important subjects. We can’t thank Dr. Pattabhi enough for his help.


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